Download Torrent Pamela Bruner – Tapping Into The Inner Game Of Sales Homestudy

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SKU: 83ac02cb9204 Category: Inventory Tag: Pamela Bruner. But where do you learn the inner game of sales? Most sales training.


focuses on techniques and tips that *will* bring results.

but only after you've mastered your own inner game.

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Game of Sales Homestudy Download, The truth is, the driving force behind a successful business is sales. All the practical techniques in the world won't work, if you don't have Your Inner Game. I knew I needed to develop my inner game, but where could I go? My own sales training left me more.

The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones both had big nights (one season finale and one season premiere, respectively) and I was really Not only do we talk about tapping, the science behind it and give you a live demo, but we take a detour into a very lively conversation about marketing and really.

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But where do you learn the inner game of sales? Most sales training.

I knew EFT Tapping but nobody knew how to help me tap my way to sales success. Nobody was teaching the mental sales game, so I had to figure it out on my own.

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